Why Purple??

Ok, so I am very sure my regular readers are saying "Pick out a blog theme already and STICK WITH IT!" I am a OCTC (Obsessive Compulsive Theme Changer) I apologize.... creative people are just like that...can't stop creating "new." We accept change very well. ;) So I have decided to

Drum roll Please
(in your mind.... or else those around you might think you're crazy!)

"She Wears Purple"


The Header Inspired by Proverbs 31:22,25

Although we strive to be that Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman. God has major guidelines for us women.
Everything in nature has it's place exactly the way God intended, but as humans we have SERIOUSLY flopped things around. Now I say these things not as a young woman who has perfected it....Far from it I am afraid, but it's a work in progress as God gently sanctifies us as we grow in Him. Women today wear the "pants" not purple "per se". So, not to ramble on, on a subject that we have all heard and know. I decided that being this is my goal that I would name my blog so.

Now to explain the purple glasses you see above.
Purple is one of my favorite colors so, when I got these about two years ago they became an instant favorite! I have always liked them due to their elegant shade of royal purple, but I recently realized that they could be used as an excellent reminder! Such as my vision (no pun intended...) a.k.a the goal I have for my life. Also, I can now be thankful for the annoying scratch on my right lens. So every time it distracts me (as it often does) it will be a reminder to me of sin. How sin distracts us from what God has for us, His vision for our life, and how I am to despise and hate sin as God does. So, like my glasses I am not without fault. I am also far-sighted physically and spiritually. Physically: when I want to see further down the road I just place my glasses on the tip of my nose. Spiritually: I like looking ahead and being able to see what I am working toward when ever I get discouraged. God knew I would need help seeing what is in front of me. So I wouldn't get carried away the big things He is doing in me, the world and people around me. So God like my glasses helps me focus on what's right in front of me. And the scratch is a reminder that keeps me humble and realizing the constant need I have for Him.
They're also purple which reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman. The woman I long to be.
"She Wears Purple"..... I wear purple!
Bet you never knew you could learn something from a pair of glasses did you?

As silly as this sounds whatever keeps God in our every thought and action.

Since naming my blog "She Wears Purple" I find myself surrounded by purple!
Everywhere! Such as the lamp shade across the room. I noticed multiple purple shirts in our closet as I cleaned it out today, and my purple Bible! My sister's room in that last house we lived in was painted PURPLE! Now purple means so much more to me.
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Born and raised in North East Florida I am the oldest of four and a graduated homeschooler. My family and I moved to East Tennessee in the summer of 2007 (the beginning of my senior year of high-school). First and foremost, I am an unworthy sinner that was shown the ugliness of sin, and my gracious Heavenly Father brought me to repentance (James 4:6-10) and now by His Grace I am being sanctified. Now I am a young woman striving to serve my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I long for a stronger walk with Him. ~ Semper Reformanda and Solo Scriptura