Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes Please! Let Me Be A Woman.

I have just started reading Elizabeth Eliot's books "
Let Me Be A Woman" and it is becoming a favorite.
I just wanted to share with you a quote one of many in this book that I like!

“It cannot be decided in the basis of the church’s need or an individual’s urge or any of the sociological or humanistic arguments put forth by those who seek to liberate. It has to do with things vastly more fundamental and permanent, and the meaning of womanhood is one of these things. We have something to respond to, something that directs and calls and holds us, and it is in obedience to the command that we will find our full freedom.” 
~ Elizabeth Elliot {Let Me Be A Woman}


House of Gray said...

Elisabeth Elliot, by far, has been my favorite author. She has lived wisdom before me through her books, and while a young mother of two small boys, I longed for the hour of 'Gateway to Joy', to sit under her godly counsel!
I have learned so much from her, and it thrills me to see that you're reading from her life as well.

Much love to you,

House of Gray said...

oops, I would've loved for her radio broadcast to have been an hour! It was a quarter of an hour! 'The hour' in my mind, meaning, 'the time'. Just felt I needed to clarify!

Love you Sweet Friend,

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